The Right Path - October 4

And You lead me along the right path 

Today we continue sharing the song, Psalm 23, Lord, You Are My Shepherd (click track title to play song).  It is from our latest CD, Before Your Throne. 

So far we have learned that God is our Shepherd, who gives us everything we need and provides a place for us to rest.  He also leads us to a place of comfort and peace where His living water flows freely giving refreshment to our souls. 

Today let us look at the sixth phrase in Psalm 23. 

And You lead me along the right path. 

In His word, God refers to Himself as the lamp to our feet and the light to our path.  He knew when He created us that we would need guidance and direction in and for our lives. 

In this Psalm, His role is as Shepherd.  A shepherd leads the sheep where they need to go because they can often make wrong turns and face danger.  We can be a lot like sheep. 

Sometimes it is hard to know which path to take when we are faced with life-changing decisions.  We ask for advice or wisdom from friends or family.  The only One who truly knows what we should do is the Lord.  He has promised us that He will lead us and guide us.  Therefore, as we read His word we can be assured that the Lord will lead us in directions of righteousness, down the path that is true and full of integrity. 

We can be at peace knowing that the path He has chosen for us is the right one. 


Thank You, Lord for leading us along the right path of life.  We trust You to keep us safe from harm and danger.  Help us to hear Your voice to know the correct path when we are faced with difficult decisions.  Amen.

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